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Purchasing strives to provide world class supply management functions in support of the University’s mission by leveraging the overall purchasing power of the institution, getting best value for all goods and services, and facilitating the acquisition of all necessary goods and services.

As the Office of Budget and Finance team is working remotely from home, eProcurement continues to be active and running. Please submit all purchases via eProcurement where possible and send any purchasing questions to where the team continues to be available to assist.

Professional Development

Purchasing will be offering the following classes. Registration for these classes can be found in Galaxy, under LEO (Learning & Education Organizer.) From LEO, click “Find Available Training” search under Live Online Training. Please register early. Individuals that register the day of the training may not receive a notification to join the meeting. More information will be sent via email once registered.

  • EAJ – Exclusive Acquisition Justification (60 Minutes)
    February 12, 10:00 AM till 11:00 AM
  • Purchasing Essentials (120 Minutes)
    February 22, 10:00 AM till Noon
  • RFS – Request for Solicitation (120 Minutes)
    February 26, 10:00 AM till Noon


Internal Suppliers

The use of our internal New Vendor Needed supplier selection has now expanded due to the implementation of PaymentWorks for supplier set-up and the need for additional internal suppliers.

  • New Vendor Needed – To submit a requisition where the supplier is not yet set up, continue current process of fully completing and encumbering a non-catalog requisition, with quote and supporting documentation attached and select the supplier “New Vendor Needed” – Vendor ID 0000003268
  • Contract Review Only – To submit a request for contract for review without an encumbered purchase (signature only), please create a non-catalog requisition and select the supplier “Contract Review” – Vendor ID 0000046400. Please submit non-valued requests at a $1.00. The requisition will be reviewed and, if/when signed, will be rejected (unencumbering your $1.00) with the signed agreement attached. You may then retrieve the signed contract from the rejected requisition.
  • Buyer Card -To submit a requisition for a buyer to make a One Card purchase on your behalf, please submit a non-catalog requisition, attach your quote and any supporting documents, encumber the requisition for the purchase amount, and select the supplier “Buyer Card” – Vendor ID 0000046399


COVID-19 Purchases

If you have a COVID-19 related purchase, please note COVID-19 in the Business Justification/Internal Notes on requisition and check the new COVID-19 box on the requisition.

A catalog of COVID-19 supplies (such as PPE, disinfectants, etc.) is now available. A secured link has been added to the eProcurement homepage labeled COVID-19 Supplies. The use of this catalog will ensure Best Value purchases, in bulk where possible, using verified suppliers. Please check back regularly as the Purchasing team will be expanding this catalog and available quantities as UTD gradually transitions back to campus.

Please visit the COVID-19 Purchasing Guidelines page for additional information about COVID related purchases.

Please contact for assistance.


Purchase and Contract Transparency Reports

The December 2020 Purchase and Contract Transparency Report is available. Past reports are available on our Public Reports page. 


Contract Management Handbook

The updated Contract Management Handbook is available for download.

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Purchasing handles questions regarding purchases, change orders, encumbrances, requisition creation, purchasing thresholds, contract questions, and closing POs.

(972) 883-2300

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Mailing Address:
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