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Managing Departmental Finances Accounting & Financial Reporting, Budget & Financial Planning, Central Business Office, Financial Management Services Accounting and related deadlines
Budget Development Budget & Financial Planning Budget Development and other budget-related resources 
Accounting References Accounting & Financial Reporting Available Fund Balance, Balance Sheet Reconciliation, Inter/Intra Departmental Transfers (IDTs), Journal ID Reference Guide, Ledger Inquiry
Cost Center Maintenance Financial Management Services Creating or Updating Cost Centers, Getting Access and Other Service Requests
Cost Center Reconciliation Financial Management Services General Reconciliation Guidelines and Resources
Special Funding Sources Accounting & Financial Reporting, Central Business Office Agency Funds, Faculty Startup, LERR Program, Plant Funds (Construction), STAR’s and UTRIP. 
Sponsored Projects Accounting Accounting & Financial Reporting Financial Reporting & Award Closeout and Use of Federal Funds
Chartfield Values Accounting & Financial Reporting, Budget & Financial Planning, Financial Management Services Overview of Chartfield values: Cost Center, Fund Group, Account Codes, Function Codes, Department, Program, Project, and Activity.
Use of Funds Guide Budget & Financial Planning Use of Funds lookup tool, State Appropriations Limitations, Designated Funds Limitations, Designated Tuition Limitations, Faculty Startup limitations, Indirect Cost Limitations, State Funds – Research Limitation
Account Detail Guide Accounting & Financial Reporting Detailed listing of account codes, account names, and descriptions
Managing Employee Payments Payroll and Tax Services, Payment Services Payroll deadlines
Employee Self-Service Payroll and Tax Services Outlines how employees can update their name, address, phone number, and emergency contact information
ePAR / ePUR Payroll and Tax Services, Budget & Financial Planning Resources relating to the electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR) and electronic Position Update / Request (ePUR) processes 
Time & Labor Payroll and Tax Services Time & Labor Reporting, Roles, Instructions, Deadlines 
Employee Reimbursements Payment Services Business Reimbursement, Travel Reimbursement, Cell Phone Allowance, and Relocation Payment
Payment Options Payroll and Tax Services Direct Deposit, Collecting a Paper Check, Faculty Salary Payment Option, Gross Pay Calculator
Employmee Taxes Payroll and Tax Services Payroll Withholding Taxes, Employee Tax Forms (W-2, 1042-S, 1095-C), Foreign National Tax Compliance Process, Tax Filing Information
Paying Research Participants Contracts Administration Policy and resources for paying research participants (human subjects payments)
ClinCard Contracts Administration ClinCard Procedures and Resources
GalaxyPay Contracts Administration GalaxyPay Procedures and Resources
Arranging Travel Payment Services General information about arranging travel
Planning your Trip Payment Services Planning your trip (approvals and other considerations), Concur Online Booking Travel, Full Service Agent, Travel Advance Card, Travel Resources
International Travel Payment Services Policies, Guidelines, and resources for employee international travel
Group / Student Travel Payment Services Policies, Guidelines, and resources for student / group travel (domestic or international)
Buying Goods & Services Contracts Administration, Financial Management Services, Payment Services, Purchasing, Supplier Diversity Programs Purchasing Thresholds, Purchasing Methods and Rules, Exclusive Acquisition Justification (EAJ), Request for Solicitation (RFS), International Shipment & Customs
COVID-19 Purchasing Guidelines Purchasing COVID-19 Purchasing Process details, with supplemental information about mail services and central receiving
One Card Program Payment Services One Card Program Guide, Obtaining a One Card, Using a One Card, Reconciling a One Card, One Card Documentation Storage, User Guides, and other resources for getting help
eProcurement Resources Purchasing, Financial Management Services Recent Interface Changes, eProcurement Forms, Punch-Out Catalogs, User Guides
Preferred Suppliers Purchasing Preferred Suppliers for Catering / Food Delivery Service; Chartered Transportation, Car, and Limo Services, and Promotional Items
Find HUB Suppliers Supplier Diversity Programs Searchable extract from the CMBL and other resources for finding HUB suppliers serving the UTD area.
Supplier Management Financial Management Services Resources for Setting Up a New Supplier, Setting Up a New Foreign Supplier, Search and Identify Supplier in eProcurement, and information about State Hold on Suppliers.
Invoices & Receipts Payment Services Information about the process and resources related to Invoicing and Receiving.
Purchasing Contracts Contracts Administration Information about the process for submitting a contract, as well as Resources & Templates and information about who can sign contracts (delegation of authority)
Selling Goods & Services Accounting & Financial Reporting, Payroll and Tax Services General Information about selling goods and services (Service Centers and External Sales) as well as accepting payments and related tax considerations.
Service Centers Accounting & Financial Reporting Service Centers Policy, Procedures, Rate Study

External Sales

Accounting & Financial Reporting External Sales Procedures
Unrelated Business Income Tax Payroll and Tax Services Resources, including tests and forms, related to Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)
Texas Sales Tax Payroll and Tax Services Information about Taxable Sales and Tax-Exempt Sales
Accepting Payments Financial Management Services Policies and Procedures for accepting payments via Credit Card (Marketplace or Point of Sale), Wires & ACH, or Checks, as well as Year-End Verification for cash handling and Approved Suppliers for processing payments
Submitting Non-Purchasing Contracts Contracts Administration Information about the process for submitting a contract, as well as Resources & Templates and information about who can sign contracts (delegation of authority)
Public Reports (All Departments) Annual Financial Statements, Annual Budget Reports, Purchase and Contracts Transparency Reports, HUB Reports, and Other Reports and State Transparency Resources
Supplier Self-Service Financial Management Services UT Dallas uses PaymentWorks for supplier onboarding and to manage supplier information. Supplier Instructions and Guides, International Supplier Process, UTD Payment Methods, and Frequently Asked Questions.
Doing Business with UTD Purchasing How to do Business with UT Dallas, How to Receive Bids, How to Submit an Invoice, HUB Forms, State Hold on Suppliers
Bid Opportunities Purchasing Current and Past Bid Opportunities
HUB Certification Supplier Diversity Programs Information on Who is eligible for HUB certification, the benefits of certification, and the process for becoming certified by the state. 

HUB Mentor / Protégé program

Supplier Diversity Programs Information on becoming a Mentor or Protégé. 
Forms (All Departments) PDF and PeopleSoft forms to request a variety of services
Training Materials (All Departments) Quick Guides, Job Aids, Presentations, and other training materials on a variety of subjects
Live Training (All Departments) Upcoming live training sessions, professional development workshops, and business services training 
PeopleSoft Training Financial Management Services PeopleSoft University and PeopleSoft-related training resources
Reports & Queries (All Departments) Reporting Console Reports, PeopleSoft queries
Policies & Procedures (All Departments) Policies and related Procedures from the Office of Budget and Finance

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