The Office of Budget and Finance

HUB Mentor / Protege


The UT Dallas HUB Program Coordinators not only encourage business relationships between UT Dallas and HUB suppliers, but also promote the development of HUB suppliers through the Mentor / Protege Program.

A Mentor may be a HUB or Non-HUB supplier. The mentor serves to provide professional guidance and support to the Protégé, for example, assisting with optimizing back-office operations. The Protégé is always a HUB supplier.

Mentors may subcontract work to their protégés; however, the goal of the relationship is professional guidance and support – not subcontracting opportunities.

UT Dallas will attempt to match willing mentors and protégés and sponsor the relationship. 

  • Mentors must be in good standing with the State of Texas. Registration on the Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL), work history at UT Dallas, previous mentoring experience, and the ability to provide guidance will also be considered. 
  • Protégés must be certified as a HUB supplier and be in good standing with the State of Texas. Work history at UT Dallas and the ability to identify the type of guidance needed will also be considered. 

If you are interested in participating as either a mentor or protégé, please contact us at or (972) 883-2397.