The Office of Budget and Finance

Submitting Non-purchasing Contracts

The University of Texas at Dallas must abide by Texas law (Education Code Sections 65.31 and 65.34), University of Texas System Regent’s Rule 10501, and UT Dallas Policy UTDBP3099: Signature Authority when entering into contractual obligations. 

Only specifically delegated University officials are legally empowered to sign contracts on behalf of UT Dallas. Delegated signature authority is separate from the ability to make purchases on behalf of the University.

NOTE: Unless signed by the proper delegated individual, contracts are not legally binding on UT Dallas and may be deemed a personal responsibility.

Please attach Agreements for review to non-catalog requisitions on eProcurement for the value of one dollar ($1) and select Contracts Review and Sign in the Internal Notes and Attachments section of the check out.

eProcurement Screenshot showing contracts fields

Please feel free to reach out to the Office of Contracts Administration (OCA) at with your contract related questions. We are always happy to help!

Standard contract templates & other resources
Document Description
Affiliation Agreement Used to establish affiliations with outside facilities or entities
Educational Experience Affiliation Agreement Used to establish internship arrangements for multiple students at one agency; Must be used with a Program Agreement
Program Agreement Used with the Educational Experience Affiliation Agreement to establish internship opportunities for multiple students
Short Term Educational Experience Affiliation Agreement Used to establish internship arrangement for a single student at an agency
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Used when both parties are exchanging confidential Intellectual Property
University Receiving Non-Disclosure Agreement Used when University is receiving confidential Intellectual Property
University Providing Non-Disclosure Agreement Used when University is sharing confidential Intellectual Property
FERPA Addendum Used in agreements where external agency has access to non-directory student information
Inter Local Cooperation Contract Used to define purchase of services from municipal governments
Business Associate Agreement Used to specify HIPAA obligations with outside entity
Services Agreement Used when UTD is providing services
JSOM Executive Education Template Used when JSOM provides Executive Education to outside agencies
Contract Management Handbook Detailed handbook regarding purchasing and contracting processes and checklists.
Summary of Contracts Requiring Board Approval Used to identify contracts that must be sent to the Board of Regents for approval
Standard (Non-PO) Terms & Conditions Used to establish standard terms & conditions for non-purchasing contracts.