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Budget & Financial Planning


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The Budget Office is committed to supporting the University’s mission with long-range financial and strategic planning. Our staff members are engaged in the preparation of the University’s annual operating budget; the State of Texas Legislative Appropriation Request (LAR); multi-year revenue and expense forecasts, including feasibility and pro forma studies; and ad-hoc management reporting. Additional functions include assessing ongoing budget operational issues, establishing monitoring controls for budget and fund allocations, and business process improvements.


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Division/SchoolDept #sDepartment NameAnalystAnalyst Ext.
President100000Office of the PresidentRaphael 4810
COS100300VP and Chief of StaffRaphael 4810
Provost100301Acad Excellence ScholarshipRaphael 4810
Provost100302ChessRaphael 4810
Provost100303Holocaust StudiesRaphael 4810
Provost100304Institutnl Scholarship AdminRaphael 4810
Provost100305Learning TechnologiesRaphael 4810
Provost100306McDermott Student ProgramsRaphael 4810
VP Research100308Modeling and SimulationRaphael 4810
COS100309Compliance, Equity, & Title IXRaphael 4810
COS100312Office of Legal AffairsRaphael 4810
COS100400Staff CouncilRaphael 4810
VP Development101000Development & Alumni RelationsRaphael 4810
VP IT102010OIT - Systems & OperationsBeckie2664
VP IT102020Network & Telecom ServicesBeckie2664
VP IT102060Office Information TechnologyBeckie2664
COS103000Internal AuditRaphael 4810
VP Research104000ResearchRaphael 4810
VP Research104001Venture Development CenterRaphael 4810
VP Research104500Center for Brain HealthRaphael 4810
VP Research104501CBH Community RelationsRaphael 4810
VP Research104502CBH ChapmanRaphael 4810
VP Research104504CBH KrawcyzkRaphael 4810
VP Research104506CBH RypmaRaphael 4810
VP Research104507CBH FilbeyRaphael 4810
VP Research104508CBH SpenceRaphael 4810
VP Research104509CBH BPIRaphael 4810
VP Research104512BrainHealth 2027Raphael 4810
VP Research104513UTD BrainHealth MRI CenterRaphael 4810
COS105000Strategic Planning & AnalysisRaphael 4810
VP Public Affairs106000Public AffairsBeckie2664
VP Diversity107000DiversityRaphael 4810
VP Diversity107010Galerstein Gender CenterRaphael 4810
VP Diversity107020Multicultural CenterRaphael 4810
VP Diversity107030Community EngagementRaphael 4810
Provost108000Enrollment ManagementBeckie2664
Provost108010Enrollment ServicesBeckie2664
Provost108020Financial AidBeckie2664
Provost108030Office of the RegistrarBeckie2664
Provost108040AES ManagementBeckie2664
VP Communications109000CommunicationsBeckie2664
Provost201000Academic Affairs and ProvostRaphael 4810
Provost201020Teaching CenterRaphael 4810
Provost201040Educational Technology ServiceRaphael 4810
Provost201050Archer CenterRaphael 4810
Provost201060Center for Asian StudiesRaphael 4810
Provost201100McDermott ScholarsRaphael 4810
Provost201200Undergraduate EducationRaphael 4810
Provost201260Student Success CenterRaphael 4810
Provost201300Provost Special ProgramsRaphael 4810
Provost201310Eugene McDermott Grad FellowsRaphael 4810
Provost201320EOD Institute for Art HistoryRaphael 4810
Provost201330Translation CenterRaphael 4810
Provost201350Crow Museum of Asian ArtRaphael 4810
Provost201360CUSLAIRaphael 4810
Provost201370ChessRaphael 4810
Provost201380Institutional Scholarship AdminRaphael 4810
VP Research201390Texas Schools ProjectRaphael 4810
Provost201400Provost InstructionalRaphael 4810
Provost201410Medical DevicesRaphael 4810
Provost201420Engineering InnovationRaphael 4810
Provost201500University LibraryRaphael 4810
Provost201600Graduate EducationRaphael 4810
Provost201800Vital LongevityRaphael 4810
Provost201900Ackerman CenterRaphael 4810
Provost202000Honors CollegeRaphael 4810
Provost202100DebateRaphael 4810
Provost300000Academic AffairsRaphael4810
A&H301000Arts and HumanitiesBeckie2664
A&H301030Centers For ValuesBeckie2664
A&H301200Art and PerformanceBeckie2664
A&H301500Theater and DanceBeckie2664
NSM302000Natural Sciences and MathBeckie2664
NSM302100NS&M Deans OfficeBeckie2664
NSM302310Lithospheric StudiesBeckie2664
NSM302400Mathematical SciencesBeckie2664
NSM302500Biological SciencesBeckie2664
NSM302600Nanotech InstituteBeckie2664
NSM302800Science/Math EducationBeckie2664
NSM302900Space SciencesBeckie2664
EPPS303000Economic Political and PolicyRaphael 4810
EPPS303001Criminology and SociologyRaphael 4810
EPPS303002EconomicsRaphael 4810
EPPS303003Geography & Geospatial ScienceRaphael 4810
EPPS303004Political ScienceRaphael 4810
EPPS303005Public & Nonprofit ManagementRaphael 4810
EPPS303006IPE-PPPERaphael 4810
EPPS303007SociologyRaphael 4810
EPPS303009Institute for Urban PolicyRaphael 4810
JSOM304000ManagementRaphael 4810
JSOM304005Finance FundsRaphael 4810
JSOM304010Management External AffairsRaphael 4810
JSOM304015Cohort MBARaphael 4810
JSOM304020SAP ProgramRaphael 4810
JSOM304025International Studies ProgramRaphael 4810
JSOM304030Morris Hite CenterRaphael 4810
JSOM304035Bass ConferenceRaphael 4810
JSOM304040Graduate Marketing CertificatiRaphael 4810
JSOM304045Marketing ProgramsRaphael 4810
JSOM304050Cecil Ethics ChairRaphael 4810
JSOM304055Ethics & CPA Review ProgramRaphael 4810
JSOM304060ISOM Tech ProgramRaphael 4810
JSOM304070Accounting & Business Law ReseRaphael 4810
JSOM304072Finance&MgrlEcon ResearchRaphael 4810
JSOM304074Healthcare Mgmt ResearchRaphael 4810
JSOM304075Operations ManagementRaphael 4810
JSOM304076Info Sys & Oper Mgmt ResearchRaphael 4810
JSOM304078Marketing ResearchRaphael 4810
JSOM304080Org, Strgy & Intnl Mgt ResearchRaphael 4810
JSOM304082Other ResearchRaphael 4810
JSOM304085Acct&BusLawNon-ResearchSupportRaphael 4810
JSOM304087Finance & Mgrl Econ NonResrchRaphael 4810
JSOM304089Healthcare Mgmt Non-ResearchRaphael 4810
JSOM304091Info Sys & Oper Mgt Non RsrchRaphael 4810
JSOM304093Marketing Non-Research SupportRaphael 4810
JSOM304095Org, Strgy Intnl Non-Rsrch SupRaphael 4810
JSOM304097Other SupportRaphael 4810
JSOM304100Ctr Finance Strategy InnovationRaphael 4810
JSOM304101Executive EducationRaphael 4810
JSOM304210Ctr Financial Strategy InnovatRaphael 4810
JSOM304220Ctr For Global BusinessRaphael 4810
JSOM304230Ctr Information Tech & MgmtRaphael 4810
JSOM304240Ctr Intelligent Supply NetworkRaphael 4810
JSOM304250Ctr Internal Audit ExcellenceRaphael 4810
JSOM304260Ctr Intl Accounting Oil GasRaphael 4810
JSOM304270Ctr Analys Prop Rights&InnovatRaphael 4810
JSOM304280Ctr Excellence In Corp GovernRaphael 4810
JSOM304290Ctr Decision & Risk AnalysisRaphael 4810
JSOM304310Ctr Innov & EntrepreneurshipRaphael 4810
JSOM304320Morris Hite CenterRaphael 4810
JSOM304420Ozer Contracts & GrantsRaphael 4810
BBS305000Behavioral And Brain SciencesRaphael 4810
BBS305300Speech Language HearingRaphael4810
BBS305700Callier Center CommunicationRaphael 4810
IS306000Interdisciplinary StudiesRaphael 4810
IS306003Academic Bridge ProgamRaphael 4810
ECS307000Engineering & Computer ScienceBeckie2664
ECS307100Material Science EngineeringBeckie2664
ECS307200Electrical EngineeringBeckie2664
ECS307400Computer ScienceBeckie2664
ECS307500Mechanical EngineeringBeckie2664
ECS307600ECS Student ServicesBeckie2664
ECS307700System EngineeringBeckie2664
ECS307800Analog CenterBeckie2664
ATEC308000Arts Tech And CommRaphael 4810
ATEC308200Historical - EMAC ProgramRaphael 4810
University400000Central University FundingRaphael 4810
University400001Central University RevenueRaphael 4810
University400002Central University PaymentsRaphael 4810
University400040NRUF Central HoldingRaphael 4810
University400041NRUF Seed GrantsRaphael 4810
University400042NRUF Small GrantsRaphael 4810
University400043NRUF Research SupportRaphael 4810
VP Budget & Finance400090Shared ServicesRaphael 4810
VP Budget & Finance400100VP Budget & FinanceRaphael 4810
VP Budget & Finance400200Central Business OfficeRaphael 4810
VP Budget & Finance401100Financial Mgmt ServicesRaphael 4810
VP Budget & Finance401101Bursar OfficeRaphael 4810
VP Budget & Finance401102Accounting & Financial ReptRaphael 4810
VP Facilities402000Facilities ManagementRaphael 4810
VP Facilities402200Facilities AdminRaphael 4810
VP Budget & Finance403100BudgetRaphael 4810
VP Budget & Finance404100Procurement ManagementRaphael 4810
VP Budget & Finance406100Contract AdministrationRaphael 4810
VP Budget & Finance407100PayrollRaphael 4810
COS408100Information SecurityRaphael 4810
VP Facilities500000VP Facilities and Econ DevRaphael 4810
VP Facilities502000Facilities ManagementRaphael 4810
COS505000Human ResourcesRaphael 4810
COS506000University PoliceRaphael 4810
VP Facilities507000Logistics And DistributionRaphael 4810
VP Facilities507100Receiving and MailRaphael 4810
VP Facilities507200Inventory And Surplus ControlRaphael 4810
VP Facilities507300Print ShopRaphael 4810
VP Facilities508000Auxiliary ServicesRaphael 4810
VP Facilities508100Parking & Transportation SrvcsRaphael 4810
VP Student Affairs600000Student AffairsBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601010Housing OperationsBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601011Student UnionBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601012Comet Card OfficeBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601020Career CenterBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601021Student EmploymentBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601030Student Counseling CenterBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601040Student Health CenterBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601050AthleticsBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601060University RecreationBeckie2664
Provost601070International CenterRaphael 4810
VP Student Affairs601080Student Wellness CenterBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601090Dean of StudentsBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601091Student Organization CenterBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601092Student MediaBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601093Student AccessAbilityBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601094Student DevelopmentBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601096Fraternity & Sorority LifeBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601097SUAAB/Meteor TheatreBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601100Student Transition InitiativesBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601101Student ProgramsBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601102Residential LifeBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601103Student VolunteerismBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601104Intercultural ProgramsBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601105Living Learning CommunitiesBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601106Student Affairs MarketingBeckie2664
VP Student Affairs601107Military and Veteran CenterBeckie2664

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