The Office of Budget and Finance

Doing Business with UTD


Welcome to the University of Texas at Dallas. We have prepared the information below to help you better understand how to do business with the University.

All invoices submitted to require a PO in order to be paid promptly and accurately. Invoices without a PO number included generally take longer to pay and will be paid only when it can be confirmed as a legitimate charge. UT Dallas policy states obligations of the University funds can only be made via a Purchase Order or a University-issued credit card (One Card).

If you receive any orders purporting to be from UT Dallas from an email address that does not end in, they are fraudulent. Do not fulfill any orders which are not from that domain name, and please consider filing a complaint at You are always welcome to email to verify the legitimacy of an order. Thank you!

UT Dallas is a tax-exempt organization. Please download our UT Dallas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate if needed for your records.

Supplier Management maintains the university’s supplier database, an electronic means of storing information about suppliers who provide goods and services to the university. A supplier record must exist in the supplier database before a procurement transaction can be completed for the supplier. Therefore, a W9 is required to be submitted by the supplier before purchase orders are considered complete.

All suppliers that provide any software are subject to a risk assessment performed by the Information Security Office.

All invoices are paid net 30, unless an early pay discount is offered.

All new solicitations are posted on the Electronic State Business Daily website. More information is available at:

UT Dallas Terms and Conditions of Orders

The Centralized Master Bidding List (CMBL) is the master database used by the State of Texas purchasing entities to develop a mailing list for suppliers to be considered to receive bids based on products or services they can provide. Registration on the CMBL is suggested and available online on the State of Texas website.

Vendors can also use our bid opportunities page to find information about current and past opportunities.

Arrow diagram showing invoicing steps: 1. Vendor submits invoice to Payment Services. 2. Invoice is matched to Purchase Order. 3. Department receives email to create receipt (if over $5,000). 4. Once receipted, the invoice will be paid according to Net30. 5. Payment Submitted to Supplier.

All invoices must be submitted to PO# must be included on invoice.

The HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP) Form is typically required for any invitation to bid $100,000 or greater if subcontracting opportunities are probable. The HSP should reflect the bidders good faith effort to include HUB subcontractors for any portion of the work not performed by the bidder’s own employees.

The Program Assessment Report (PAR) Form is used by the prime contractor to document monthly compliance with their HSP.

The State of Texas puts suppliers on hold and it will make the supplier inactive until the supplier resolves their issues with State Comptroller. Texas Government Code 403.055 prohibits a state agency from issuing payment to an individual or business that is indebted to the State of Texas. Once the University is aware the Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) is on “payment hold” status at the State Comptroller’s office, UT Dallas as a state agency is unable to complete the order until the supplier is no longer on hold. The supplier will need to contact the State Comptroller’s Office at (800) 531-5441 ext. 34561 for further details on the hold status. When the matter has been resolved, UT Dallas can continue business as usual.