The Office of Budget and Finance

Policies & Procedures

All University policies are maintained in the Policy Navigator. The table below shows only policies where the Office of Budget & Finance provides additional related content. 

Last Update Policy Additional Information Department
2020-03-03 (Revision) UTDBP3008 – Cellular Communications Equipment Policy Employee Reimbursements Accounting & Financial Reporting
2019-07-23 (Editorial Amendments) UTDBP3033 – Internal Service Providers Service Centers Accounting & Financial Reporting
2020-03-03 (Revision) UTDBP3035 – Credit Card Acceptance Policy Accepting Payments Financial Management Services

2020-11-16 (Revision)

UTDBP3036 – Policy on Payment of Research Subjects Paying Research Participants Contracts Administration
2019-02-19 (Editorial Amendments) UTDBP3040 – The University of Texas at Dallas Cash Handling Policy Accepting Payments Financial Management Services
2013-12-12 (Revision) UTDBP3051 – Pay Administration Managing Employee Payments Payroll & Tax Services
2020-08-28 (Revision, minor updates to purchasing methods table) UTDBP3057 РPurchasing Policies  Buying Goods & Services Purchasing, Payment Services
2018-06-01 (Revision) UTDBP3094 – Entertainment and Official Occasions Employee Reimbursements Budget & Financial Planning, Payment Services
2020-06-15 (Revision) UTDBP3099 – Signature Authority Purchasing Contracts, Submitting Non-purchasing Contracts Contracts Administration
2016-03-14 (New) UTDBP3104 – Travel Expenses Employee Reimbursements Payment Services
2017-11-09 (New) UTDBP3108 – Agency Funds Special Funding Sources Accounting & Financial Reporting
2019-07-22 (New) UTDBP3114 – External Sales External Sales Accounting & Financial Reporting


Internal Procedures

Procedure Description Department
Unclaimed Comet Cash Procedure This document is intended to describe all the steps required for handling unclaimed Comet Cash and other similar card balances. The Property Code, starting with section 74.001, defines the applicability and requirements associated with holding property that is presumed abandoned by the owner. Financial Management Services